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Ethan's Char (ethan from school)
My brand new art style I have been practicing on paper for 2 months not doing anything digitally for a while. so I came back to it so i could  show my new style. i'm so proud of it. <3.
Pic For Map
its an ivy/pool map I will post it like now moer info will be on my channel~

Part 1- when it says “bad blood” make it ivy/pool and dove/wing older and ivy/pool yelling at dove/wing. then when it says we used to be mad love, make them kits playing with each other.

part 2- when it says “look what you’ve done” make dove/wing ip sync it to ivy/pool. then when it says “cause baby now we got bad blood” make dove/wing saying it while ivy/pool walks away angrily.

Part 3- “now we got problems.” make ivy/pool training the dark forest on one side and dove/wing with jayfeather and lion/blaze walking together on the other

part 4-  “you’ve made a really deep cut.” make ivy/pool shouting at dove/wing with jayfeather and lion blaze next to her. “cause now we got bad blood” make jayfeather growling it at ivy/pool while dove/wing and lion/blaze stand angering behind him.

part 5- ivy/pool running away from them tears leaving her face, dove/wing trying to follow but stops at edge of camp.

part 6- ivy/pool in the darkforest mumbling angrily to herself, walking. (its lip sync)

part 7- ivy/pool leaping onto a tree (in the dark forest) rest of this is lipsync

part 8- memories of dove/wing and ivy/pool, dove/wing always being congratulated and praised while ivy/pool stood in the background upset then turning away.

part 9- ivy/pool getting up from the tree, leaping down. lip syncing as walking.

part 10- ivy/pool sitting and lip syncing

part 11- “cause now we got bad blood” hawk/frost pinning her lip syncing. “we used to be mad love” ivy/pool smirking, pushing him off with claws.

part 12- “now look what you’ve done.” ivy/pool lip syncing getting up looking psychotic, blood on her paws. “cause baby now we got bad blood.” Hawk/frost walking over again lip syncing,

part 13- silhouettes of cats walk over with white eyes. turning to red eyes, when said problems heads turning to the  side. “and I don’t think we can solve em’” hawk/frost, stepping forward with ivy/pool still staying standing (hawk/frost lip syncing that.)

part 14- hawk/frost then lunging at her, cutting her side, ivy/pool waking up i her nest next to dove/wing. ivy/pool breathing heavily.

part 15- dove/wing woke up and saw ivy/pool and her eyes widened. “you say sorry just for show” dove/wing looking at ivy/pool worried, ivy/pool looking sad (still bleeding in the nest)

part 16- “live like that you live with ghosts.” dove/wing lip sync, ivy/pool looking upset.

part 17- “bandaids don’t fix bullet holes you say sorry just for show.” lion/blaze and cinder/heart walk in cinder/heart in shock. ivy/pool getting more upset.

part 18- “if you live like that you live with ghosts.” cinder/heart leaves. lionblaze walks in closer, cinder/heart comes back with jayfeather. ivy/pool looking frustrated.

part 19- ‘if you love like that blood runs cold.” ivy/pool lip syncing with fury, racing out, blood pouring down her side.
fire/star padding over, jayfeather walking away with lion/blaze.

part 20- fire/star walks with cinder/heart trying to calm her down. dove/wing sitting and looking up at the sky

part 21- dove/wing ad ivy/pool arguing, ivy/pool’s eyes going wide realizing what she’d been doing is wrong, lion blaze and jayfeather walk over.

part 22- “and I don’t think we can solve em’ you made a really big cut,cause baby now we got bad.” fire/star leads his cats  of silhouettes and hawk/frost leads his (the cats on hawk/frosts side should have red glowing eyes) (some of the cats on fire/star’s side should be starclan cats just make them white and not any cat in specific just make them have colorless eyes too.)
“blood hey.” the two sides run at each other.

Cinderheart for map
sorry it looks really bad my drawing tablet failed me so I used trackpad I got really lazy.


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United States
I will do drawing requests and i have a youtube channel, soon to be posting a map. also needing of updating my channel art and animations so don't judge me just yet!


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